Research Data Canada is a collaborative effort to address the challenges and issues surrounding the access and preservation of data arising from Canadian research. This multi-disciplinary group of universities, institutes, libraries, granting agencies, and individual researchers has a shared recognition of the pressing need to deal with Canadian data management issues from a national perspective.

NEW! Tenth Webinar – April 24, 2014

BOLD: A Canadian Born Digital Library of Biodiversity-Genomic Data

Presentation now available.

Research Data Canada Launch

RDC formally launches with a new website that includes the new Steering Committee, and action plans for each of the five RDC working groups.

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New! Ninth Webinar – March 4, 2014

Emerging good practice in managing research data and research information within UK Universities

Presentation now available.

New! Eighth Webinar – Feb. 5th, 2014

Presentation now available.

Canadian Research Data Summit: Call to action

As a follow up to the Summit, the RDS Working Group has released Mapping the Data Landscape: Report of the 2011 Canadian Research Data Summit. We strongly encourage your comments on this report, as well as your expression of interest in becoming personally involved in the work of Research Data Canada. In addition, we encourage you to share your thoughts on how your organization might support the work that we all judge to be so imperative.

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